Let Us Pamper You

International Massage offers an experience beyond compare. The balance you desire and the tranquility you deserve await you with each treatment. We invite you to visit us and allow us to restore your energy and relax your mind bringing balance to the body as we customize the perfect massage you are so deserving of.

Customized Massage Therapy

International Massage specializes in customizing each treatment to accommodate your individual needs.

Whether your desire is pure relaxation (Swedish) or you need us to dig a little deeper to release that knot that is causing you such discomfort (Deep Tissue), we will listen to your needs and our therapists will provide the proper treatment just for you. Click on our list of services to view more of what we have to offer our clients.

Our Wellness Program

The demand for massage therapy is growing rapidly for both men and women of all ages. International Massage provides both affordable and professional therapeutic massage services six days a week. Our late hours are for your convenience because we know how busy your schedule can be.

Our clients believe in our services and come in as often as weekly to biweekly to monthly. Our therapists are professionally trained, licensed and ready to assist you in achieving that state of relaxation, renewal and rejuvenation.

Due to heavy volume please call us to schedule your appointment or it is necessary you call the spa directly to book your appt.

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What are the Top Reasons to get a Massage?

There are many important health benefits to getting a massage. When it is part of your regular wellness routine massage can assist in maintaining your physical, emotional and mental well being.

It is a common misconception that massage is a luxury which feels good only for the moment but has no lasting effect. People are discovering just how powerful massage is as a tool to promote and maintain good health.

Here are the top reasons our clients receive regular massages:

~ Promotes a sense of relaxation and well being.
~ Reduces tension and calms the nervous system.
~ Relieves aches and pains, muscle cramps and spasms.
~ Stimulates the lymphatic system ridding the body of toxic waste.
~ Improves quality of sleep.
~ Speeds recovery after physical activity.

Yours in Health,